About CS Brookline

Our purpose: There is no single advocacy or advisory organization in Brookline that stresses inclusivity, complete streets, and safety for all road users, regardless of mode. There is no organization in Brookline that actively uses social media to promote such messages and to engage a more diverse cross-section of Brookline’s population and the population of people who pass through Brookline.

Through a holistic and integrated approach, our mission follows:

  • advocate for projects that emphasize complete streets and coexistence among road users;
  • advocate for projects that enhance the use of public space and bring people in the community together;
  • through our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, raise awareness of the importance of complete streets, provide notice of relevant public meetings, and suggest opportunities for community engagement.

Our vision: A future Brookline where streets are safe and low-stress for all modes of travel, and accessible to people of all ages.